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The department aims for students to become capable and confident in both their use and understanding of Mathematics. A range of approaches including practical work and the use of ICT are integral to the teaching and learning of Mathematics. By the end of KS3 we want students to be confident in using and applying what they have learnt to a variety of real life situations. This continues through KS4 as we encourage them to be good problem solvers who are able to use Mathematics as a tool but also appreciate the intrinsic beauty of Mathematics itself.

Maths Curriculum

Key Stage 3
Maths is taught to all students in Key Stage 3. Students are taught in their tutor groups in Year 7 and set by ability from Year 8 onwards

Key Stage 4
All students take GCSE Maths. Statistics is taken as an additional GCSE subject by some students.

Key Stage 5
Maths & Further Maths are both offered as AS/ A Level options. There is also the option to retake GCSE Maths for those who did not get the required grade.

Maths Facilities

  • 7 specialist classrooms each with a teacher PC and an Interactive Whiteboard.
  • 1 dedicated Mathematics ICT room with 30 PC's and access to a range of specialist software.

Maths Staff

Andrew BlairHead of Maths
Suyen AkpinarKey Stage Attainment Manager for Maths (KS5)
Richard MillsKey Stage Attainment Manager for Maths (KS4)
Amy FloodMaths Teacher
Joel BevisMaths Teacher
Todd CurtisMaths Teacher
Shawki DayekhMaths Teacher
Michael JosephMaths Teacher