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These are the beliefs of the Haverstock mathematics department:


We aim to enable students to think like mathematicians. Students learn how to decide what approaches to take when solving problems or carrying out a mathematical inquiry or investigation. 

Maths Curriculum

Key Stage 3
Students have seven lessons of maths a fortnight in years 7 and 8 and nine in year 9. They are taught in mixed attainment classes in years 7 and 8. In year 9, students are divided into two broad bands depending on prior attainment in the subject. The key stage 3 curriculum is designed around fundamental concepts. The extended time spent on each concept enables students to understand maths in depth. The department uses a variety of teaching models that means all students are challenged at an appropriate level. Mathematical inquiries and investigations develop reasoning about how to do maths; fluency lessons focus on a particular procedure or concept; and other lessons develop students’ ability to solve problems in different contexts.

Key Stage 4
All students take GCSE Maths either at foundation level (grades 1 to 5) or higher (grades 4 to 9). Students will be placed into classes based on prior attainment in the subject. The GCSE requires students to have fluency in their understanding of procedures and concepts, reason mathematically by explaining and proving solutions, and solve problems. There is now more of an emphasis on proportional reasoning in the GCSE and higher tier students will be expected to understand concepts that were previously in A-level. Each class has nine lessons per two-week cycle and will receive homework once each week. Year 11 students have three full GCSE mocks in October, December and March.

Key Stage 5

In 2017-18, year 13 students follow the AQA mathematics A-level. Year 12 students study the new Edexcel A-level specification and need the following scientific calculator: Casio FX-991EX (see your teacher for a discounted price). The recommended book for year 13 is AQA Pure Core Maths 3&4 (Heinemann). Students in the sixth form who did not achieve at least a grade 4 in their GCSE at the end of year 11 will continue to study the mathematics GCSE.

Maths Facilities

  • Nine specialist classrooms each with a teacher PC and an interactive whiteboard.
  • One dedicated Mathematics ICT room with 30 PCs and access to a range of specialist software.

Maths Staff

Andrew BlairHead of Maths
Shawki DayekhKey Stage Attainment Manager for Maths (KS5)
Richard MillsKey Stage Attainment Manager for Maths (KS4)
Amy FloodKey Stage Attainment Manager for Maths (KS3)
Hina AdhamMaths Teacher
Suyen AkpinarMaths Teacher
Michael JosephMaths Teacher
Jhahida MiahMaths Teacher
Ollie RutherfordMaths Teacher