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PE Rules & Procedures


All students are expected to provide their own clean kit. It should be a complete change of clothing, with the exception of training shoes. This is done in the interests of health and hygiene. The following standards are stressed:

Sports shirt- grey with the red Haverstock Motif
Shorts/Jogging Bottoms- dark
Sports Socks
Training Shoes
Tracksuit (optional)
Towel (optional)

NB This change of clothing should be brought to school in a bag or holdall.


  • Students wishing to be excused from Physical Education lessons must bring a note which should be handed to their member of staff at the earliest opportunity. Frequent excuse notes should be followed up through the Head of Department, Tutor or Head of Year, before approaching the parents or legal guardians.
  • All such students must remain with their teaching group and, we hope, be involved in some aspect of the organisation of the lesson in order that they can still feel part of the teaching group.
  • In terms of the National Curriculum single attainment target, students not able to participate in the performance element of the work can still provide valuable input in terms of planning and evaluating. If the group is outside and the weather is not suitable, work should be set and arrangements made for the student to be looked after by a member of staff on indoor work.
  • Students with lengthy problems should bring a doctor’s note, which should be kept on file.


Use your discretion as to the best course of action, depending on the nature of the injury. If in any doubt, always call for assistance of another member of staff. If the injury appears to be serious, alert the school office and call direct for the emergency services.

Please remember:-

  • any back injuries should NOT be moved
  • any head injuries should always be advised to the parents or legal guardians with the suggestion of a check by the family doctor
  • students should not be sent unassisted to the changing rooms or the office

NB Any injury involving absence from school will require an accident form to be completed. These forms are located in the Departmental office and/or the school office.

Current first Aiders in the department are, Andy Hardman and Joe Allen. If these colleagues are not available then send a student to reception for Pat Shudell or another first aider.

Any injuries occurring should be noted in the departmental health and safety record book found in d105.


In line with the LEA and national guidelines concerning health and safety, all items of jewellery must be removed prior to commencement of the lesson. The Department will lock away any jewellery given to them. The Department does not accept any responsibility for the loss or theft of personal belongings, although each case will be judged on its individual circumstances.


It is the responsibility of each member of staff to ensure that the changing rooms are locked at the commencement of each lesson. It is the responsibility of the teacher based in the gym or sports hall to lock the girls changing room and the responsibility of the member of staff based outside to ensure that the outside changing areas are locked. Any member of staff subsequently bringing a student or a group back to the changing rooms must ensure that the security is maintained on leaving the changing rooms. Students should not be allowed into store rooms unless under direct supervision of a member of staff.

All staff need to be careful to monitor the equipment used to ensure that it is all returned and stored neatly. Please ensure that all store rooms are locked at the end of the lesson.

As stated earlier, all students are encouraged to hand over items of importance which will be kept in a security box.