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  • In addition to the whole school aims, the specific aims of the science department are to:
  • Develop an interest in and enjoyment of science
  • Secure knowledge and understanding of basic scientific principles
  • Help students to understand and appreciate the importance and limitations of science
  • Help students gain an awareness of the wider social, cultural, moral and economic factors that arise from scientific research
  • Encourage a problem solving approach to scientific enquiry including the ability to apply scientific knowledge to unfamiliar situations
  • Provide courses that offer a range of learning experiences that match with student needs and capabilities across the whole ability range
  • Ensure progression in science learning through years 7 to 11 and to allow access to post-16 courses


Science Facilities

The science department has excellent accommodation and is very well resourced. There are ten science laboratories, each with a teacher PC and interactive whiteboard.

We have 30 laptops with wireless connectivity for student use.

Science Staff

Sarah McGuffinJoint Head of Science
Aisling MacSweeneyJoint Head of Science
Mayuri Vijay2 i/c Science
Christina O'Brien2 i/c Science
Sarah ByrneScience Teacher
Dominic DaviesScience Teacher
Lorna PonambalumScience Teacher and Assistant Headteacher
Eva TourrainScience Teacher
Jenna WatkinsScience Teacher
Samira NagaiyaHead Science Technician
Yusuf GaniScience Technician