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Exploring the world of work

The recent PSHEE Day (Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education) gave our students a fantastic chance to consider life beyond school and explore the world of work. The highlights included visits to London universities and CV-writing workshops, and there was something to engage every student.

We were pleased to have 50 HR and recruitment specialists in school, conducting mock job interviews with Year 10. And it was great to see our Year 10 students dressed for success, looking smart in their business attire for the day.

Our business volunteers were impressed too. Nadine from Genesis Housing Group says, 'This was a truly rewarding experience – I'd happily do it again.’

Aliya from Camden Council says, 'I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the events. I wish this had been an option when I was in high school; it has clear benefit.’

Isra from London Business School agrees. ‘Thoroughly enjoyable! I’ll be recommending that other members of my team get involved.’

You can see photos of the day below.

Exploring the world of work