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Year 10 are Raising the Bar! 

This year, we've all been pleased to see our Year 11 students making swift progress. Year 10 have been watching them closely and are getting ready to take their place.

This is a very important moment for Year 10. It's a time to focus and make plans. It's a time to think of their future, with work experience coming up next week. And it's a time to work hard and get a head start on next year's GCSEs. We're supporting them all the way – with revision training sessions, and an introduction to the mentoring scheme.

In an end–of–year ceremony last week, we awarded new red Prefect ties to a host of Year 10 students, in recognition that they are exceeding our expectations. We're proud to see Year 10 raising the bar for next year. Congratulations to our new Prefects.

New Prefects Announced at Year 10 End of Year Ceremony