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Our School

We are a happy and ambitious school.

We know learning improves lives, and our first priority is to give every new student the individual attention and encouragement they need to help them learn. From the confident achievers to the quietly anxious, we have great ambitions for all of our children. We’re determined to make sure every student gains the best possible qualifications and skills.

Our class sizes are never above 30 – and are often smaller. With up to 210 children in each year, our school is big enough to offer the widest range of subjects and extras. And it’s small enough to get to know every one of our students!

Our building is bright and modern – praised as an outstanding example of school design. It’s well–equipped and has great IT resources – with over 700 PCs and 60 interactive whiteboards. Every curriculum area has two fully equipped ICT resource classrooms.

And we equip our children with much more than the best qualifications. We have an unrivalled careers programme that guides every child’s journey towards the world of work. From their first days here, we help each child discover their passions and build their skills. With visits, talks, workshops, mentoring and work placements, our career focus is the best of any Camden school – and rivals the very best schools throughout London.

Our school is a happy and welcoming community, a safe space where each child has room to grow. We love being a true London school, celebrating all that’s best about our city – the warmth, diversity and ambition of those who live here. We’re proud to be at the heart of our vibrant Camden community. And our students are encouraged to get involved by volunteering in local events – it’s a great way to build their social skills, helping our children grow into self–assured, articulate, considerate and courteous young adults.

As well as local partnerships, our school is supported by a fantastic network of national and global partners. Each brings extra resources and expertise to help stretch our students, offering new experiences and broadening their horizons.

Best of all, there’s a new energy in our school this year – a powerful combination of big heart and big ambition. As its new Headteacher, I know Haverstock School is ready and eager to make great strides forward!