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FAQs: 10 things to know before joining Haverstock School

1. What happens between now and September?

The most important events are:

Monday 14 May – Transition Evening. All new students and parents are required to attend this evening. You’ll be introduced to your key contacts, have the chance to buy uniform, and much more. 

Week beginning 2 July – Induction Day, where all new Year 7’s spend a day in school. The exact date will be confirmed later.

Week beginning 9 July – Taster Events. Watch this space for more details.

And you can see a full list of our Transition events here.

2. How do I sign up for half term activities and summer school?

Collect a leaflet from your child’s primary school or Haverstock School reception. Complete and return it to Haverstock Reception with payment to secure a place.

3. What time does the school day start and end?

8.30am registration; 3.00pm finish time. 

(Plus if relevant, detentions for ‘Ready to Learn’ are from 3.00pm – 3.30pm. These may be given for lateness to school, lack of uniform or lack of equipment. If your child is in the referral room, they will be at school til 4.00pm and you will be informed by an email and/or text message.)

4. Where can I buy school uniform?

You can order school uniform at our 14 May transition event, where we’ll have different sizes to try on. You’ll also be able to order it online – watch this space for details.

5. What other equipment will my child need for September?

In addition to the uniform, your child will need: a PE kit which includes Haverstock t shirt, shorts / tracksuit bottoms in blue or black, trainers, and a rain jacket (no hood); and a stationery kit including pens, pencils, ruler and rubber. These can all be purchased from school. A calculator is also very useful.

6. When will we meet our child’s Pastoral Team Leader (head of year) and tutor?

At the May transition event, you’ll meet your child’s Pastoral Team Leader. Then at the beginning of the summer holidays, we’ll write to you confirming your child’s tutor. (We wait until after the SATs results, to ensure a fair balance of ability in each tutor group).

7. Where do I find out the term dates and holidays?

Term dates are all listed here.

8. Can I speak to someone about my child’s individual needs e.g. medical, behaviour, learning or SEN?

Yes, just email our Fresher admin clerk, Susan

There'll also be opportunities at our transition events to speak to key staff, or request a call back. If it's regarding any SEN needs, you can also email our SENCO Carlos.

9. What subjects will my child be learning?

Our core curriculum includes English, Maths, Science, Humanities, PE, Spanish or French, DT, Art, Music, Drama and ICT. Pick up a booklet with more information at our Transition Evening on 14 May.

10. Will my child be set according to ability in any subject?

In year 7, students are taught in mixed ability forms for all subjects except languages, PE and Design Technology. Teaching in sets generally begins in Year 8.

If you have any more questions, just email Susan. We’ll be happy to hear from you.