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Behaviour for Learning

Behaviour for Learning

Haverstock School is a school that is striving for excellence for all of its students. We have a diverse and vibrant student intake with a range of individual needs. This is what makes Haverstock such an exciting and worthwhile place to learn and to teach but our aspirations for our students are not compromised by their range of needs.

We are a school with ‘Big Ambitions and Big Heart’. In order to achieve these ambitions for all of our students, we believe that no second of a child’s education can be wasted; students have to work hard and act with integrity at all times. Our ‘3Rs’ of behaviour (Ready, Respectful, Responsible) set out our high expectations and our behaviour policy aims to help them to change any behaviours that do not lead to success so that they become good habits which, in time, become part of their character. We use the phrase ‘no excuses’ as we believe that there are no excuses for poor behaviour and disruption to learning. There may be reasons, but not excuses.

Our behaviour policy begins from the principle that we must have disruption-free classrooms where teachers are able to teach to the best of their ability and students are able to learn. Managing disruption inhibits teachers’ ability to teach effectively so our policy places a great deal of responsibility on the student to meet expectations and follow instructions. Students respond very positively to calm, ordered environments where they understand what is expected of them and where there are clear routines in place. We believe that every student has the ability to learn effectively and can choose to behave well and we support them in meeting our expectations.

Behaviour for Learning Policy