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Reading Lists

At Haverstock School Library, we are committed to encourage all students to reach their full potential as independent learners and develop a positive attitude to life-long learning. Our aim is to provide an exciting, stimulating and supportive environment via recommended reading lists that have been designed especially for our students. The lists include fiction books in order to foster the enjoyment of Reading as a recreational activity in all members of the school.

Year 7 Recommended Reading List

Year 8 Recommended Reading List

Year 9 Recommended Reading List

KS 4 Recommended Reading List

KS 5 Recommended Reading List

We are dedicated to support and develop reading at home. ‘A parent’s guide to reading’ leaflet is an excellent way to provide the students with opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to access library resources from home and aid your child’s lifelong reading journey.

Parents’ guide

For 6th Formers who want to gain a better understanding of their subject, we are currently collating subject reading lists in collaboration with their subject teachers. Below is the first Reading List for students who study Politics.

Politics reading list

For any questions, additional help or suggestions, please contact the library staff via email library@haverstock.camden.sch.uk or phone 02072670975. We will be happy to assist with any queries.

Thank you

Pauline Lawrence

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